Commission Works by Barbara Grant

Beach Painting for Joanne

Commission Works: Beach Painting for Joanne
Even before Joanne, my daughter-in-law, moved into her new home, she pictured one room’s décor focused on a “beach” theme. She gave me a grainy copy of a picture of a rowboat and asked me to paint a peaceful scene of a boat similar to that on a beach. The rest she entrusted to me.

I composed the picture on a 30 x 40 inch canvas, placing the rowboat in the foreground, adding seagulls to represent her three children, and a sailboat on the horizon to symbolize her husband. She is the rowboat – home base.

December 2007

Acrylic on canvas
30” x 40“

Print available

Healing Touch for Karen

Commission Works: Healing Touch for Karen
Commissioned by Karen Coburn, for the room where she practices her Healing Energy therapy. I was given total freedom with just a few suggestions: harmony, the spirit of love, and our spiritual connection to others.

When Karen saw the painting she was pleased, because the symbolism of the water’s iridescence moving through the dark trees emerging as a glow in the sky with the bird lifting its wings creates a sense of lightness and well-being that energy can give.

November 2007

Oil on canvas
36” x 48”

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Poppies for Debbie

Commission Works: Poppies for Debbie and link to larger image
Commissioned by sister-in-law, Debbie, who had been searching for a picture of one of her favorite flower species, Poppies.

July 2005

Oil on canvas
18” x 24”

Print available

Paul for Susan

Commission Works: Paul for Susan and link to larger image
Commissioned by a friend and neighbor, Susan, to honor her son Paul. A study from a photograph taken by Susan shortly before Paul’s sudden and unexpected death.

May 2005

Graphite on acid free paper
Approx. 18” x 24”

Print not available

Dune Fence for Bob

Commission Works: Dune Fence for Bob and link to larger image
Commissioned as a Christmas gift for husband, Bob. A study from a photograph taken by Bob during a family vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey, September 2001. (The week of 9/11.)

December 2004

Oil on canvas
48” x 72”

Print available

Carpenter Middle School Kids

Commission Works: Carpenter Middle School Kids and link to larger image
Sister-in-law, Nancy, was a member of a school committee in Plano, Texas that was deciding how to honor their retiring Principal. One of their ideas was a piece of art that would commemorate her 16 years as Principal.

The medium is Prisma Color (colored pencils) on acid-free paper, and this work was a collaborative effort: Nancy gave me great photos to work with. My friend, Penny, thought I should frame the kids with the school building. And it was my husband who, when I was struggling to pull the kids & colors together, offered the puzzle piece idea to tie everything together design-wise. I like how the interlocking pieces symbolically link the kids.

April 2004

Prisma color on acid-free paper
24” x 36”

Print available

Peace for Mindy

Commissioned by sister-in-law, Mindy, to commemorate her departed parents.

Excerpted from Mindy’s ‘Thank You’ note:
“I can’t tell you how much I love the painting you did for me. It is amazing. I love the light play and the doves are wonderful. The spiritual significance is extremely meaningful to me – especially in light of my parents’ death. I keep thinking how Christ defeated our worst foe – death. And how our lowly earthly bodies will be transformed into glorious bodies. I imagine my Mom & Dad dancing together on sheets of gold.”

September 2001

Oil on canvas
24” x 27”

Print not available