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Man In The Moon

Moon In June exhibit

Boats waiting

Moon In June exhibit


Moon in June exhibit

Moon Baby

Moon In June exhibit: Praying Lobster

Praying Lobsters

Moon In June exhibit: Holy Ground

Holy Ground

Moon In June exhbit: If I Could Touch

If I Could Just Touch

Moon In June exhibit: Crescent Sail Moon

Crescent Sail

Moon In June exhibit: Many Ways To Moon

Many Ways To
The Moon

Moon In June exhibit: Stonewall Breaking Through


Moon In June exhibit: Waiting To Be Moved

Waiting To Be Moved

Moon In June exhibit: Moon Light


Moon In June exhibit: Bradford Beach

Bradford Beach

My conscious connection with the moon began twenty five years ago. I was living in a basement apartment with my one-year-old son while my husband was fighting in Viet Nam. One evening I looked up through my window and became transfixed by a full moon. I felt comforted by its presence. In fact, I was comforted enough to make the conscious decision to turn to God for strength and guidance ~ even though it felt as if I was stepping into an abyss.

My faith, however, has gone through phases, like the moon, waxing and waning since that moment of conversion. And the part that the moon had played in it was all but forgotten until last summer. I was at a Brewers baseball game and there she was, looming above County Stadium. A gentle chant came into my head, a moon mantra. I decided it was time to focus on this faith-moon connection.

So, in this body of work the moon symbolizes the ability to transcend the negative pulls of life, the things that drag us down. The moon represents hope. And like God, it is always there even when not visible.

June of this year (1996) includes two full moons, June 1st and June 30th (the blue moon).

Exhibit Schedule
May 31 through July 13, 1996

Constance Lindholm Fine Art Gallery
3955 North Prospect Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Solo show