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These prints, entitled “Bottle & Soul”, are about my inquiry into what happens to our souls after our bodies die. The bottle in these prints symbolizes our body and soul. Sometimes I depict it as a solid form and at others allow it to be translucent, ghost-like. Likewise, the tree in each of these compositions is dormant. I guess I feel the need to be ambiguous about the finality of death, because we can never really be clear about it.

This past year I have been exploring the monoprint process and am finding that it is an exciting way to take ideas and push them past my original focus. The best part of monoprint making, I find, is the surprise element. It can be difficult to control the outcome of what I send through one end of the press. What comes out the other end oftentimes takes me in directions that I never could have imagined.

This body of work is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend, Cookie Hibbard.

Exhibit Schedule
May 30 through June 1998

Charlene’s Gallery Ten
12625 Hwy 42, Gills Rock
Door County
Wisconsin 54210

Solo show
Loft Gallery