Got angst, make art. It feels so much better ~ ~ ~

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University in 1989, I set up Grantview Studio in an old building shared by several artists in downtown Rockford, Illinois. I began pouring my heart into painting, drawing, assembling found objects, expressing myself with abandon!

Since then I have moved my work space many times as my husband’s career required relocation (Milwaukee; Santiago, Chile; Whitewater Lake, Wisconsin, and presently back to Milwaukee’s North Shore).

My website at GrantviewStudio.com has been a way to share my artwork no matter where I am.

Grantview Studio also encompasses my "Straddle the Turtle" project:

The story behind "Straddle the Turtle" began in the spring of 2009 when, one morning, I was running late for my yoga class and driving a little faster than usual. On the winding road into town I noticed a turtle slowly moving across the road in the left lane and had no problem driving past her. But further along I saw another turtle crossing from the right side of the road and made a calculated decision to straddle her between the wheels of my Jeep. 

Afterward I kept thinking, “I straddled a turtle… I straddled that turtle… I straddled the turtle!”  I made it to my class in time, but I had trouble focusing as I thought of the harm I could have caused that fertile turtle.  I also admitted a truth to myself - I have a chronic habit of trying to do too much in too little time.

When I mentioned this to my husband, he immediately conjured up a vision of me sitting atop the turtle, holding reigns (like straddling a horse).  The image of riding a slow moving turtle should remind me to slow down, he thought.  So true! Instead of speeding past moments, hours, and days of my life, I need to slow down ~ ~ ~ to “Straddle the Turtle.”

I feel good about making my Straddle the Turtle pieces available to others on my Etsy shop, because they are reminders of the message to slow down and be mindful ~ ~ ~

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