Got angst, make art. It feels so much better ~ ~ ~

The inventive imagery in my artwork is a result of my creative process. If I knew where I was going with a painting or drawing it would take the adventure out of it. I like to begin with a vague notion of a subject and explore, with various media and techniques. Working with the unknown in this way forces me to learn new strategies to make order out of chaos, a compulsion with which I am blessed.

I’ve been volunteering since 2014 as a facilitator with “Memories in the Making” — the art program of the Alzheimer's Association that allows those living with Alzheimer's an opportunity for self-expression through watercolor painting. Time spent encouraging others to create from their hearts teaches me to do the same.

I earned a BFA from Northern Illinois University in 1989, and attended subsequent classes to expand my abilities with print-making, writing and music.

Originally from Peoria, Illinois, the Milwaukee area has been my home since 1987. I can also be found at http://www.StraddleTheTurtle.com :)

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