• A Momentous Week in March ✞💜🇺🇸

    Our journey to Belgium has been a lot to process, but writing about it helps.
  • A Sweeping Tale

    I believe for most artists the creative process involves the use of basic elements of design and lots of practice with their medium.
  • Sweet Dreams ~ ~ ~

    I drew this person in tranquil repose some time ago to try out a new pen point. I suppose the subject matter came from my subconscious, regarding my preoccupation with getting enough sleep.
  • Growing Hearts

    I cherish the valentine/heart symbol of love. I pondered the idea for this design while recovering from open-heart bypass surgery in the middle of winter 2018. The original was a 5 x 7" watercolor, which I had printed as "thank you" cards to the medical staff who saved my life.

    I've sinced tried to duplicate this little painting, and all turn out a little differently. But I title them the same, Growning Hearts, and number them.
  • Grantview Studio Newsletter: If Winter comes...

    It was Bob who lifted her spirits by showing her the calendar. It was just a few days before December 21st. He reminded her that as soon as we pass that marker, there would be more light each day until Spring arrives. It was with this precious memory in mind that I created our Holiday Greeting card this year.
  • Hand Painted Notecards

    I have lots of projects in the works but keep reverting back to these hand painted notecards!!!
  • The Reverence of Poise

    This morning I played “poise” in a word game. Then I sat with my coffee to ponder this word’s loveliness. I looked it up to make sure I understood it’s true meaning:
  • Liking Your Own Shape

    It took the scenic view of a beach in Hawaii thirty years ago to provoke me to action in my artwork. It wasn’t the beauty of the sand and water. No, I was sitting on a hill in the shade to protect my fair skin, a drawing pad on my knees sketching people. I noticed a woman enter the scene like walking skin and bones. She carefully set up her space with her beach towel. I could not avert my eyes as I drew quickly like she was my own model in a class. I was fascinated!
  • Original Watercolor Notecards

  • Polka Dot Fish

    I like to paint notecards as a warm-up exercise: a way to test various color combinations, designs and motifs. If they turn out nice, I send them to family and friends. These "Polka Dot Fish" are a new experiment, 1 of 4 designs. I'm offering these card "studies" for $4 each (free postage).