• Hand Painted Notecards

    I have lots of projects in the works but keep reverting back to these hand painted notecards!!!
  • The Reverence of Poise

    This morning I played “poise” in a word game. Then I sat with my coffee to ponder this word’s loveliness. I looked it up to make sure I understood it’s true meaning:
  • Liking Your Own Shape

    It took the scenic view of a beach in Hawaii thirty years ago to provoke me to action in my artwork. It wasn’t the beauty of the sand and water. No, I was sitting on a hill in the shade to protect my fair skin, a drawing pad on my knees sketching people. I noticed a woman enter the scene like walking skin and bones. She carefully set up her space with her beach towel. I could not avert my eyes as I drew quickly like she was my own model in a class. I was fascinated!
  • Original Watercolor Notecards

  • Polka Dot Fish

    I like to paint notecards as a warm-up exercise: a way to test various color combinations, designs and motifs. If they turn out nice, I send them to family and friends. These "Polka Dot Fish" are a new experiment, 1 of 4 designs. I'm offering these card "studies" for $4 each (free postage).
  • The story behind the creation of the original seven "Money Bags"

    I am presently offering the rest of the Money Bags collection for sale in my Shop.
  • Stormy Weather

    I painted the original "Stormy Weather" in 1994, after pressing for answers about my uncle’s suicide. He took his life when my mother was a young woman. He was her older brother who taught her to play the guitar; he taught her the song Stormy Weather, which was popular at the time.
  • My ABC's

    There's a new item in my shop today! A soft cover Alphabet Book with 32 pages of interesting images ...
  • My First Zine

    Recently it occurred to me that I do have something worth sharing and the creation of my first zine came together quite easily.
  • Hanging on by a thread...

    But because of Covid, I wonder how many people hold on to little pieces of memory this way. Hanging on by a thread…