It took the scenic view of a beach in Hawaii thirty years ago to provoke me to action in my artwork. It wasn’t the beauty of the sand and water. No, I was sitting on a hill in the shade to protect my fair skin, a drawing pad on my knees sketching people. I noticed a woman enter the scene like walking skin and bones. She carefully set up her space with her beach towel. I could not avert my eyes as I drew quickly like she was my own model in a class. I was fascinated! 

Anorexic Sunbather drawings

Afterwards I did my homework; knew what I saw did not seem healthy. Back then the research was just beginning to come out about anorexia and bulimia. I immersed myself and created an installation of work displayed in Gallery 1633 (Chicago) including an Altar piece, drawings of The Anorexic Sunbather and my booklet Liking Your Own Shape.  

Back cover of booklet

The Altar piece was destroyed by water damage in storage some years ago, but the drawings survived. The original booklet must have sold at the exhibit, but I came across a copy of it in my files recently. My thought is that this subject is still relevant, so I made copies of it to sell in my shop. Three sizes in fact!