• Grace Note

    It wasn't until I added the description of this piece that I realized what it's about, at least for me. I began with description information...
  • Yellow Rose

    Whatever device you use to view this last yellow rose from my garden…it won’t allow you to experience the powerful but delightful fragrance of this tiny flower – a delicacy I will hold in my memory as we fall into the winter months here in the midwest.
  • The Beginning of Autumn

    This weekend marks the beginning of Autumn - sweater weather and football here in the midwest. There's an old superstition that claims you can balance an egg on it's end during this Fall Equinox, but according to fact-checker Snopes you can do that any ole’ day of the year.
  • Heart-shaped Cucumber

    I believe it is Peggy’s yoga practice and knowing her own body that helps her settle into long poses. She is able to meditate or become lost in thought, even as she’s aware of the the bustling of artists at work...
  • Day Train

    I love when young people visit my studio. They approach my space as if it’s a playground, which it is. Paints, colored pencils, inks, clay – all kinds of art supplies are laid out on a messy array of tables and shelves.
  • Colorado Bike Ride