• From a Doodle

    ...the idea of these upright wading fish...made me smile.
  • The Visiting Painter to Grantview Studio

    It’s been a while since any new energy has been injected into my work space. A recent FaceTime with friends reminded me of their son’s visit to my studio last summer and the zesty vibes he cooked up during some painting fun!
  • A Balm for All Wounds

    "We should be willing to act as a balm for all wounds"
    - Etty Hillesum
  • Red was Dorothy's favorite color

    We met at the end of her life’s road when she had nothing left but a little time. I would set a table of paper and paints and scooch her chair closer so she could reach to swish her brush in a tub of water, dip it into the pans of color and swipe it over absorbent, archival watercolor paper...I volunteer in a program they call Artful Expressions. My job is to help the residents use the art supplies at their disposal. Some have physical or mental limitations, and I figure out ways to allow them to create anyway. It’s the highlight of my week. I learn from each individual that I spend time with; we all benefit as we share ideas around the table...The last time we were together, she fell asleep in her chair during most of the session. Her painting style had become more minimalist, but her color of choice was always red.
  • ❤︎ From now until Valentine's Day ❤︎

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  • Peaceful Doves for December

    Peaceful doves for December 🙏
  • Spooky October!

    I did not create this artwork with Halloween in mind, but it does have a spooky feel to it, and it's that time of year again! 🎃
  • Dandelions & Dogs

    I made this painting by referencing a photo I snapped of Roxy & Ringo playing in the snow last winter. I was longing for spring, so I transformed the white into “Dandelions & Dogs” with lots of green!
  • Whirlybird

    My friend Marilyn is a talented watercolor artist. She’s sort of a perfectionists, though, and sometimes when she messes up she throws her paintings away. I’m the type who saves everything just in case I can make it into something. So I tell her, “Don’t throw away that good paper; give it to ME!”
  • Message in a Typewriter

    Recently I was rearranging some tables in my studio and noticed an old typewriter tucked underneath with boxes of supplies. I’d found this portable Royal Caravan at an estate sale for $7. When I first showed it to my young grandson a couple summers ago he went crazy over it, mesmerized by a keyboard that clunked with each punch of the key… and so slow…! It occupied him for hours just examining the mechanics of such an ancient tool. I had forgotten about it until I opened the case and found this message: